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When buying a website from 123 sites you retain ownership of the website and have full control over both the back end (CMS access) of the website and also your allocated CPanel. All websites have unlimited design revisions however once you confirm via email that you are ‘happy to sign off’ on the project updates and alterations are your sole responsibility unless we agree a management fee.
If you require management and updates we charge a one off agreed price for the services determined by the magnitude of the work.
After your initial 12 months hosting period should you wish to host your site elsewhere you have the ability to do so at no additional cost to yourself. We do however encourage you to continue to host the site with us and charge a nominal annual fee of just £99 for this service.
All MARKETING PRODUCTS are paid for in advance and no contracts are put in place, giving you flexibility to cancel at any time should you wish to.
AUDIO BRANDING products are bought on a one off basis unless otherwise agreed in writing between the 2 parties ie, a flexible changeable ongoing seasonal marketing message. You retain ownership of the products also and are not charged a licensing fee.
SSL services are paid for annually at a rate of £99 per annum.
GRAPHIC DESIGN AND LOGO products are also your property and are paid for on a one off basis for commercial use as you desire.