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Secure Your Website From Malicious Attacks With SSL Encryption

If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website you are leaving your business wide open to the critical threat of hackers and malicious attacks which can be devastating in terms of time, money and stress.

An SSL should always be encrypted at the infancy of a project, however unfortunately a vast amount of websites developed before 2021 still remain completely unsecured which makes this task significantly more complex.

Luckily our specialist cyber security team can remedy this problem for you, saving you time, money and quite often a much more catastrophic series of events than any small business could wish to imagine.   

Hear What Some Of Our Clients Say

Google was displaying a red warning message on my website which was turning customers away. It wasn’t until John highlighted he importance of an SSL that business really picked up. Thanks guys I feel safe knowing that my website is completely secure.

Jack Pritchard

Managing Director

5 star service! Fast, effective and secure. I’d highly recommend using 123 sites to secure your website. The best thing is unlike most firms they don’t charge the earth and they get the job done. Really impressed!

Peter Rainham

Managing Director

After being hacked… TWICE it made sense to get an SSL. I had no idea what SSL even meant until I spoke with 123 sites but I tell ya one thing for sure, these guys have saved me ALOT of hassle! 

Phil Rigby

Finance Director

I I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out why my site wasn’t working, turns out it’d fallen victim of a malware bug and my site was down for weeks. Thanks for all your help. 

Jenny Lawrence

Business Owner