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Flagyl ER is used for treating certain bacterial infections of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis).

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Can i buy flagyl tablets over the counter ? anon83568 Post 21 It is not a drug, but it is pain killer used for sore muscles. You can get your own from local pharmacies. There are various brands. anon82856 Post 20 I am from the UK. government has never allowed any pharmaceutical company to offer this drug over the counter, nor has it flagyl buy been approved by the FDA for this use. I cannot believe why our government would have put this drug on a list of drugs that can be "prescribed" by a doctor, and then deny the very idea of "over counter" when someone is hurt. This an example of Big Brother's abuse. The world was once free and open to scientific medical research and discovery, we are still free, free. And I don't think that someone who is injured would ever want to do anything that would be dangerous (or illegal) to take their pain medicine. It can make life a lot easier and it can help the body recover, and if you have a bad case of the runs then you should have it as a last resort. view entire post anon81090 Post 19 This article is very misleading: "Doctors have prescribed it off-label for conditions such as arthritis and back pain, but now the FDA is cracking down. In December, the agency issued a public warning to doctors." The word "prescription" has an "r" in it. The FDA has no power to "crack down" or not enforce drug laws. It can only issue advisory decisions on safety, and even then, it's not like someone is going to go jail. Doctors aren't criminals (the only criminal I know of is a police officer who tried to rape his ex). It's not even like illegal, and the article should be about FDA's decision to allow the sale of any medication without a prescription. This kind Buy tretinoin .1 online of story is very much common in the media. anon80465 Post 18 I am a young patient and I am currently using can you buy flagyl over the counter uk this medication as well taking my anti-inflammatory with me while on a long journey. anon80091 Post 17 There are many people with a prescription for this medication. It is the only medication that I am taking as still at a very young age and haven't had my period on this medication yet. I was not aware this is a medication that would help me as I am still on the antibiotic pills. It has helped me to be in pain less often while I am taking the pain medicine and is also helping my skin to take less pain. However I am still on medication and for me it would be helpful if this drug were to be available as an over the counter pain reliever. Thank you for the information. anon69976 Post 16 I am 20, not a young girl, but as medical student I read this article and found some of the information shocking. As a female I really can't believe that these medications could be sold this way. And if the drug is for a specific medical condition, then it is not for everyone. I know it sounds like drug cartels exist in America and I do not think that they actually exist, but do exist. anon67579 Post 15 I have seen a lot of bad drug news in my young life. This article has some good facts. The only thing I find shocking is the idea that DEA was going to ban this drug. I don't think you can say we don't have a drug problem in America when you have the DEA acting on it. They have a lot of power. This article made me think about what I had been taking for several weeks now. And I am glad that found this article. anon65251 Post 14 Just as a note to other poster who are wondering about how dangerous, illegal and dangerous the painkillers are, I have taken a painkiller (the pain-killer-pill, oxycodone, and acetaminophen), taken the pill over counter, without a prescription (that I had been given by a doctor for pain in my knee) and it has never left my hands. I just took another three pills and will do another 3 today. The first three pills didn't hurt at all, but I've still got a big scar from the top of my kneecap where they Flagyl er $0.56 - pills Per pill hit and the pain has been almost non stop ever since. It's not a big deal for me (in any way) and it won't stop me from doing what I am supposed to do and it in a responsible manner. The one thing I will say, the one thing I will tell any other people who are in my place is that I'm not afraid to admit, or know that what I have done (and will continue to do) is wrong. Just because of the power I hold in my hands as a human being, you shouldn.

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