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Sompraz d 40 drug store. "When I went in there, had no idea what I was signing up for" she said in a video posted to the website. Hudak said she was shocked by the bill, which she thought was about the number of prescriptions filled but was actually about how a pharmacist would record data about patients to sell. "I would have thought the goal be to get more patients for their drugs," said Hudak, a former pharmacist in Ontario. "This is not just about selling records. This is also about getting people to buy more drugs." "In the end, it's really bad for pharmacists. This bill is really bad for pharmacists." The bill passed House of Commons on Wednesday by a vote of 173 to 56. It is likely to go the Senate, where it is uncertain when will come up for debate. Hudak said that when she was a pharmacist, the practice of writing prescriptions was not as regulated it is today. "I would have never Buy pharmacy online ireland thought that there would be so many problems with this bill," Hudak said. Hudak's concerns stem from the fact that changes also mean drug stores will no longer be required to report how many prescriptions they sell. The Senate will have to vote on that bill, and there are several senators on opposite sides of the bill. "In the end, it's really bad for pharmacists. This bill is really bad for pharmacists," Hudak said in her video. While the changes are not expected to affect most Canadians, Hudak said she fears what will happen to pharmacists and patients if there are fewer rules. She said also worries about pharmacists being forced to write too many prescriptions. "The drug companies have all got a lot of influence in the legislature and I don't think that will change," she said. "How many times have I heard pharmacists say 'I'm not a salesperson. I'm scientist. I help people to make better decisions. If I don't help patients make better decisions I'm not doing my job.'" The Canada Health Act requires pharmacists to ensure patients get the right drug for their needs, Sompraz $1.03 - pills Per pill and that pharmacies stock enough drugs in their pharmacy a timely manner, according to the pharmacy profession's website. The legislation covers pharmacists in public pharmacists' offices as Cataflam d generico preco well pharmacies. The bill exempts home delivery of prescription medication, but it also provides that home pharmacies must ensure all drugs sold for on-site dispensing have sufficient supplies in stock their pharmacy. The changes also give pharmacists power to prescribe any drug they see fit, as opposed to a doctor, and they have the authority to change dosages of medications, including refills. The bill also requires pharmacy professional to keep a record of all medications issued, and how much is spent on medications. The bill requires pharmacists to disclose their professional associations, trade associations and societies. Also, all pharmacists would be required to complete an online training program.

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